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Top Five Reasons...Why Bill Fell in Love with Fleur (ficlet)

From the 'Top Five Things Meme.'
Requested by pili204 
Warning:  Unbeta'ed. Creative grammar. Sorry.
Rating - PG-13

Top 5 Reasons Why Bill Fell In Love With Fleur


  5. Have you looked at Fleur? Really looked at her? Men lose their countenance when they meet her, whether for the first time or the tenth. It's a shame that Bill didn't get it the first time he saw her. He was at a distance. He thought she had great hair.

While he knows now she's indecently beautiful -- he's seen her in every possible situation by now and will die with the memories of her literally glowing during her three pregnancies -- he wouldn't limit it to her features. He has seen many perfect women walking the streets of Thebes with their eyes lined with kohl, their enticing figures and their bracelets tinkling on their wrists. Beauty attracts, of course, but Fleur has something that these luscious women never carried. It has dawned on him that attractive women hold their beauty close to them and make it all about themselves. He is pretty sure Fleur never does that. Her grace lavishes on everything, on everyone. She is insanely generous with her beauty. It touches him in a way that he cannot comprehend.

4. She’s French. One night he was running late to meet her for a date, he spotted her at a table, all the way back of the pub. She was engrossed in a conversation with an older woman. As he moved closer to the table and he watched her throw her head back to laugh, he understood she was chatting with a fellow expatriate, and he stopped dead in his tracks. It wasn't the nature of the conversation that held his attention.

It had everything to do with her body language, the way she reached forward to listen, how she used her hands when speaking. Even her voice was different; it hit him, at that very moment, that she was free to be. She didn't have to make any effort to make her tongue hit her teeth in a precise way or to care about repeating words he had not quite caught. While he already thought she was a wonder, seeing her so true to herself made him think about possibilities that hadn't crossed his mind yet.

3. She used to come by his office, trail a hand on his desk and ask what he was working on. He’d look over her shoulder, pushed back the parchments full of numbers before him and retrieved from his drawer what really took his mind, a small affair related to runes he was discreetly conducting for ya chikh Zuberi back in Thebes. He’d then exposed his views at length about interpretation of Egyptian runes until he’d stopped himself, embarrassed. ‘Merlin, I must be boring you senseless.’

She shook her head and pulled over a rickety chair. ‘No, not at all. Runes was one of my favouritest subjects at Beauxbâtons.’

Before he could correct her English, she proceeded to tell him about her fascination for the symbology of Franks and how it could be linked directly to the Trojans. She then exposed him the criticisms she’d read about it. ‘What do you theenk, Beel?’ she finally said as he pushed himself back on his chair, awe-struck and vaguely aroused.

I think I should marry you, he thought.

2. One night he was hesitating about how to tell her about the Order of the Phoenix and his involvement into it, she waved her hand before his eyes. ‘Where are you?’

He chuckled and stared at her as she prompted herself on her elbow. If there was a place he felt safe to talk about this, it was in her bed at the boarding house she lived. ‘I have something to tell you,’ he murmured.

The bed sheets felt oddly cold against his back as he whispered about him being involved in a secret organization. ‘With my family,’ he added. ‘We’re all involved, whether we want it or not.’

Her fingers slipped into his hair, and he closed his eyes. ‘I see. Zey want you to --’

‘No, it’s not them asking me to do something.’ He shifted on his side and laid a hand on her waist. ‘My family is at high risk to be targeted. I have to do something, you know.’

She frowned deeply and caressed his face slowly, tenderly. ‘Eet is about family. I understand. Family is everything to me.’

1. This one he never mentions to anyone.

He is pretty sure she’d have been sorted into Gryffindor if she had been schooled at Hogwarts.

The thing is, he’s not really sure why he clings to that one or why it’s so important to him, but thinking about it never fails to make him very randy.


I like it! I think Fleur's one very under-examined character. Keep it up, write her more, please!!!!!
I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-) Fleur is one character that I'd love to write more about one day. She's strong and feisty and there would be lots to write about her!

Aw, I love it. I love the idea that she's generous with her beauty; that's a lovely image. And the French moment I liked a lot, too.
Thanks for reading! I'm very happy with the French moment, and I'm glad so you liked it.
"I think I should marry you, he thought."


"'She frowned deeply and caressed his face slowly, tenderly. ‘Eet is about family. I understand. Family is everything to me.'"


I'm rereading some of your works. I just had to comment on this one because I love it! I love reading about the relationship between Bill and Fleur, because we obviously don't see it much in the books. You do an especially good job with it! You give Fleur good, redeeming qualities, which is nice to see, since so many portray her as shallow.

What a wonderful story. :) I hope to see more from you soon!
I've never read this one before, that I remember. It's marvelous! Fleur does tend to be unknown. I like the way you preserved her mystery and fleshed her out at the same time.