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Eleven Slightly Irreverent Ron and Hermione’s Wedding Moments

This fic was written for pili204, my beloved beta reader on CM. twy was the sweet one who helped me in making it all nice and pretty.

1. Attention to Details
They had discussed every possibility. They were amazed at how they had the same tastes, the same views. Harry, his mouth slightly agape, had listened to them completing the one another’s sentences in perfect harmony as they exposed their plans. He clunked his glass against theirs, and called for another round.
When they came back home, they found themselves snickering at his bewilderment. “We’re so good,” Hermione had said, nestling her head on Ron’s shoulder. “I would have thought that these wedding details would lead us into fighting all the time.”
Ron had nodded with self-importance, “Love, we’ve grown. We don’t have to resort to this, do we?”
The closest they were to fighting was when the wedding party was decided. She knew he was joking, but she put a stop to it when he suggested, “We could have Fred and George as matching bridesmaids. They’d be ugly bridesmaids, but think of the show they could put on.“
Everything had been detailed meticulously. However, Hermione noticed that when they were not perfectly in tune, Ron would stare at her with a lustful grin and say, “Come here, you lucky one.”
Not that she minded. 
It usually meant that she’d won over that detail.
+ + + +
2. Traditions
“Where do you plug this, dear?” her father asked as he held out the full kettle.
“You don’t.” She tapped her wand against it, and the water boiled instantly. Her father brewed her tea as if he was preparing a meal for a queen.
They were sitting in one of the rooms Ron had rented for the night. She was glad she was close as she could be to the Burrow. No hassle, no complicated travelling. She would be able to walk to the Burrow with her parents the next morning, and she looked forward to them seeing what she had been taken with, the very first time she went to visit Ron.
Their only fight had been about this tradition, three days before the wedding day. He wanted to stay at the Burrow on the eve of their wedding, alone with his family. She wanted to be with him.
“It’s bad omens.”
“Ron, please.”
“It’s true.”
He could not understand why she wanted to see him so desperately. She could not understand why he was hanging onto this. He had a good point. “This is time for our respective families, Hermione. Your parents will want to be with you, I’m sure of it.”
So when she called them to ask if they wanted to stay with her, she said that she would understand if they could not since she was very late with this idea. She was astonished to hear her mother say, “I think there might have been a mistake, sweetheart. It has been arranged for months. Ron sent us a letter.”
Ron had established a new tradition of stealing the last word from her, but not by talking.
+ + + +
3. Communication skills
“Go away!”
Hermione was tempted to scream at him, but she opted for a smoother approach. “Ron, you’re being ridiculous. I just want to see you. Just for a second. Just your face.”
She grasped the door handle and shook it without results. “I can’t believe this. You locked it. Do you really think I’m going to let a lock stop me?”
“It’s spell locked. I knew you were going to try to get in, so I’ve researched it for weeks.”
She stared at the locked door with amazement. “You researched a spell? For me? This might be the second sweetest thing you’d ever done for me. But, Ron, please, I need to see you for a second, just a –“
“You tell her I can’t see her just yet.”
Someone in his bedroom muttered something, and she could not believe her ears. “Harry? Are you in there too?”
Harry’s voice in the locked room betrayed his irritation. “Ron, I think you’re taking tradition way overboard.”
Hermione pressed herself against the door, trying to eavesdrop on what was going on inside of the bedroom. Harry’s voice was very close to the door. “I’m so sorry, Hermione, he has his hands over his ears now.”
God. She grabbed her wand. She was this close to blasting the door open.
“Hey… What’s going on out here? Wait a minute! Hermione!” Charlie almost slid out of the bathroom, clutching tightly a towel around his waist, a puddle of water quickly forming at his feet as he stepped into the corridor. “Ginny’s been looking for you for two hours.”
She jolted back, her wand still pointing at the door. She gestured at it. “I went for a walk. Tell him, Charlie…Tell him he’s being unreasonable. This is such a silly superstition. I just want to see him. I need to see him.”
Charlie tucked in securely the corner of his towel, and he walked to her. He swiftly took her wand from her hand.
“What are you talking about? You will see him for the rest of your life. Traditions are not to be meddled with. Now, these are the quarters reserved for the groom going berserk. This room,” he pointed Ginny’s bedroom door down the corridor with his chin, “is reserved to the well behaved, bright, sensible and lovely bride-to-be.”
With one assured hand, he turned her around and pushed her gently but firmly towards Ginny’s bedroom. He knocked on the door. “Gin, open the door. I’ve found your stray kitten.”
The door opened and Ginny’s flushed face appeared, a towel around her head. She pulled her in. “Where the f- I mean, where have you been? Get in here. Charlie, wipe that water off the floor. Mum will throw a fit if she sees that.”
+ + + +
4. Wait…is Ron ready?
A knock on the door disrupted her train of thoughts. She had been trying to calm herself down. Ron not wanting to see her before the wedding had thrown her into a febrile state of mind. She was chiding herself. She was overreacting.
But I am right on this, she thought, as she spied on Fred and George from her window. They were sitting in the Burrow’s backyard, dressed up to the nines. They looked suspiciously innocent.
What Ron had called tradition, she had called superstition.
She had been waiting for Fleur to arrive (“Don’t even tink of starting without me!”) so she could dress already. Ginny had gone looking for her (“Ah, those French people…always fashionably late.”) She turned from the window as the door creaked open. “Everything’s fine, Hermione?”
Her eyes met Bill’s sympathetic grin. He was looking very elegant in pearl grey dress robes. He was also holding something. She took a quick breath as she felt a flutter in her stomach.
Bill was holding a bucket
No. She gasped, bringing a hand to her mouth, feeling herself going pale. “Oh no…Bill! Is Ron ok?”
Bill chuckled as took a step towards her. She felt a tide of relief when Ron’s oldest sibling leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek, and his arm circled her shoulders. “Don’t worry, Hermione. We’re taking care of him. He’s not sick.”
However, her comfort was quickly washed off when she noticed his smirk and glistening eyes before he turned his back to her.
“Not yet.”
+ + + +
5. White and Red
“But your husband has to have a surprise!” Fleur cried out.
Hermione had hesitantly showed her what she had planned to wear as undergarments under the simple but elegant dress she had chosen. She thought that Fleur was turning all this into a potential Hundred Years’ War. “What is it with you English witches and cheap lace lingerie?”
Ginny rolled her eyes as Fleur tut-tutted, scavenging in a bag. “You are very lucky I decided to go shopping for you…Ah, voilà.
Hermione stared at the two exquisitely complicated bustiers and matching garter belts Fleur was handing her. “I bought white and I bought red. Very lovely. Very honeymoon-y. ”
“I have to admit they are,” Ginny said with reluctant admiration, as she felt the fabric between her fingers. “I reckon the red one is very surprise material.”
“Good Merlin, Fleur…red? Isn’t it a bit…trashyfor a wedding, dear?” Molly sounded like she had been given too much information.
Hermione glanced up at her mother who was pursing her lips at the offending bustier. Ginny breathed out and pushed the two women gently to the door.
“No worry, ladies…. White is the only way to go for a proper bride. I’ll take care of this. Now is the moment where the mothers go powder their nose while the two bridesmaids harness the blushing bride into her corset. Thank you, thank you, we’ll see you soon…”
She closed the door and leaned against it, a devious smile on her lips. “Hermione, you’ve got to admit these are very lovely. What do you say?”
Hermione thought modesty was not an option anymore. “Red could be nice. I’m known as the ‘scarlet woman,’ after all.” 
Fleur giggled as she dropped the white bustier on Ginny’s bed. “Good girl. Now, drop those trousers.”
+ + + +
6. So this is the time
 “Ravissant,” whispered Fleur when she stopped fussing with the white lily she had arranged in Hermione’s hair. She took a step back, looking at her with wide-opened eyes. “Your ‘air…I never thought it would stay up like tis, with its weird texture, but it is very nice.”
“Turn around, sweetie, so I can see you.” Hermione’s mother was already sniffing. Resolutely, knowing she was going to face a wall of tears, she turned around in a soft and silky sound. Her mother and Molly were displaying matching expressions, their features softened by awe.
Molly sniffed.
Her mother sniffed.
Fleur sniffed.
Ginny grinned.
Her mother held out her hands to her. “Oh, you are so…so…oh my God, Hermione. My little girl is getting married.”
She smiled bravely. She swallowed her tears as her mother hugged her lovingly. She caught her reflection in the mirror.
She thought she had never looked more pretty.
If only she could see Ron before the wedding. If only she could have seen see his face. It would have prepared her to the emotion she knew was going to engulf her.
“So this is the time mothers get teary,” Ginny casually slipped under her breath, as Molly was offering a handkerchief with a trembling hand to Hermione’s mother. 
Ginny brushed some imaginary lint on the skirt of her own dress, and was carefully avoiding looking at her. As she was straightening her dress, Hermione saw her eyes water, and her friend quickly looked down.
Seeing Ginny’s eyes going liquid made her teary too. She blinked quickly, and she leaned towards her. Ginny had crouched down to flatten the hem of her dress with her fingers.
Hermione brushed her hand on her shoulder. “It’s the time friends get teary too, it seems.”
+ + + +
7. Friendship
In ten minutes, she would be walking down the path to a renewed life.
“Wait, Ginny…I think the garter belt snapped.” Hermione stopped walking in the corridor, feeling slightly light-headed.
Ginny turned around, her sophisticated ponytail grazing her shoulder. “Can you adjust it?”
Hermione felt faint. “I –I don’t know. With the dress and all…that bustier is quite tight.”
Ginny faced her grimly, her fists on her hips. “There’s only one way to go, then.”
Hermione buried her face in her hands when Ginny took off her high heels and got on all fours to disappear completely under Hermione’s skirt but her bare feet.
She laughed nervously when Ginny’s voice came out muffled from under the fabric, as her fingers cautiously went for the garter belt.
“How amazing. We’re bringing our friendship to another level on your wedding day.”
+ + + +
8. Perfect
It was perfect.
Even if she tripped slightly when she stepped foot on the path that led to Ron.
Typical, she thought. Wanting to make my way to him so fast I stumble. Her father held her arm tighter. He smiled. He looked immensely proud. He said loudly enough so people would giggle, “I’m showing off my daughter.”
It was perfect.
Even if Ron looked like he had to use Bill’s bucket. But only for a short moment. His face lit up with admiration, love and impatience when he saw her.
“You’re so beautiful. I missed you so much. When do I get to kiss you, again?” he slipped to her ear as she grabbed his arm. She tried to engrave forever in her mind how handsome and loving he looked.
He had been so right about this superstition. He had been so right.
It was perfect.
Even if the celebrant said her name in three different ways during the ceremony.
Ron corrected him each time, and she could hear Fred and George snickering behind her back.
It was perfect.
Even when unexpected laughter shook the assembly when the bride and groom turned to them in perfect synchronicity after the celebrant asked if anybody objected to the union.
“We wouldn’t dare,” had said Harry with a smile, leading her and Ron to chuckle.
It was perfect.
Even if Harry almost dropped Ron’s wand and the wedding bands in his nervousness.
Even if her lips quivered and her voice broke from emotion when she said the spell that would bind her to Ron.
Even if the celebrant looked sternly at them. He obviously had hoped they’d kiss with a bit more restraint.
Just perfect.
+ + + +
9. Fate
“May I ask for a dance?” She turned around, giggling, her head spinning from the music, the noise, the laughter, the love.
“Of course, Harry.”
He held her quietly, and they swayed to the music. It was much more of a pretext, really.
Because he recounted the hours that preceded the wedding, from Ron’s side. He made her laugh. He made her roll her eyes.
He made her cry a bit.
Harry also told her how lovely she looked (“You look pretty.”), and that he wished she could stay like this, just bursting with life and unabashed happiness (“You look so happy today.”).
“It’s really one of the most wonderful days of my life,” she said, holding a bit more tightly to his shoulder.
Harry nodded thoughtfully as he pressed lightly her fingers in his hand. The light breeze made his hair stick up. “It’s one of mine, too.”
She tilted her head towards him with curiosity. He shrugged with embarrassment. “Seeing you two there…you know how I feel about all that fate stuff, but you two kind of made me believe in it.”
In the middle of the dance floor, the bride hugged fiercely the best man.
And the groom didn’t mind at all.
+ + + +
10. Pride
She shrieked with laughter as the one who was officially her father in law twirled her around with the talent that can only result from experience. He brought her back to him in a gentle pull.
“You are quite a dancer, Arthur.” He hummed the melody with a small grin.
“I took Molly dancing all the time, when we got married.” He spoke quietly, and she had to lean closer to hear his words. “I’m so proud today.”
She smiled. “I know you are. You’re right to be. Ron was truly amazing.”
To her surprise, Arthur Weasley shook his head. “I’m proud of myself. I’ve raised my son well enough so he knows what’s best for him. What a truly beautiful and fantastic young witch you are.”
She blushed under the compliment, and they waved at Ginny who was clutching her newly wed brother with laughter in her eyes, as he was speaking softly to her.
Hermione always knew from which parent Ron had learned tenderness.
+ + + +
11. Surprise
“I will undress my wife, now. If my wife wants me to. ”
She chuckled. He had been calling her my wife all evening, with obvious glee.
Ron trailed his fingers down the back of her dress. She was smaller by an inch when she stumbled out of her shoes. She shivered with anticipation, as his breath softened the skin of her neck.
“That was just perfect. You were perfect. I mean, look at you.”
His fingers were fiddling with the buttons in her back, and she heard his gasp when the dress opened to the red bustier. She turned around, trying to refrain her smile.
“Red? Oh, bloody hell…. My wife is a naughty, naughty girl.”
A fleeting thought went through her mind as she witnessed his arousal.
She would have to send Fleur a box of those pricey chocolates she enjoyed.
Ron slid the dress off her with reverence, his hands following the curve of her waist. He was silent, but the hungry grin on his lips was saying it all.
Surprise!” she whispered softly.
The end


oh loved them all.

the ending was gorgeous.

but 9 was definately my favourite.

Harry also told her how lovely she looked (“You look pretty.”), and that he wished she could stay like this, just bursting with life and unabashed happiness (“You look so happy today.”).

total love for that.

In the middle of the dance floor, the bride hugged fiercely the best man.

And the groom didn’t mind at all.

Thank you so much for your kind words. That part was my favorite too - contrasting Harry's strong emotions with what he really said, and Hermione able to read between the line nevertheless.

I'm so glad you appreciated my first R/Hr fic ever!


Oh, I'm sooooo glad you friended me. This is just lovely.


Re: Gorgeous

Hee! Thank you. :)

It was written for a dear friend of mine.
I adore this story. It is sweet, romantic, sexy, and it really rings true. I love your work red, it is such a treat for us in the fandom. I know we'll be raving about your original stuff one day :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was rather fun to write something for Pili, and I keep on fiddling with the idea of expanding it into a 25 (Fluffy) Random Tales format, like I did with Bill and Charlie's brotherhood.

Wow, you are so kind. Thank you for your support. I find myself truly lucky that people enjoy my stories! I really , really hope to write original stuff that will be good enough one day. :)
I loved every number...
The way you placed every Weasley, and the Grangers, and Harry is perfect for each occasion! I loved the emotions, the ceremony and the end... :)
Glad you enjoyed them! I was glad to write this for dear Pili204, who has helped me so much through the last two years with my stories on CM.

Thanks for reading - I know I'm repeating myself, but I'm just happy you are enjoying the stories! :)
This was recced over on crack_broom. It was really a lovely story. I really enjoyed Ron getting his way about not seeing her before the wedding and prearranging for Hermione's family to spend the night with her. I also really liked the little behind the scenes looks of details other people might not notice, but seem like real things that happen--the garter belt snapping, Hermione tripping, Fleur being late . . .The scene with Harry was really touching, as well.

In all, thanks for writing this and sharing it with us!
This was beautiful! I don't think I'v ever read such a lovely, well-written wedding story ^-^
I came here by way of a crack_broom recommendation. This was a gorgeous story! I love all the characters here, and I love the way you managed to make this wedding story both tender and funny. And I really loved the moments with Harry and Arthur.

I hope you don't mind if I friend you! I'm off to read some more of your stories. :)