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Welcome to RedSioda's Lair

Hello there. :) This journal archives my Harry Potter fanfiction stories. JK Rowling is a generous writer to let us play with her characters and wander into the world she created. Everything is hers, and the rest is mine. ;)

While my mastery of English has quite improved in the last months (and you have to trust me on this), there are still stories that are not beta edited. They are indicated as such. Please feel free to look around and to comment if you wish, and to friend this journal if you find something you like. 

A couple of stories are locked for friends only because they deal with themes not suitable for young readers. If you want to access them, please tell me and I'll friend you back. However, I do not interact from this journal but for communities I participate in.

I like to explore the themes of the Potterverse revolving around friendship, love, change, loss, and family. Stories are mostly rated from G to R, and tend to (hopefully) follow book canon.

There are three ways to explore this fic journal. The links on the left column will help you to go through the stories by alphabetical order, by category or by character (main or secondary).

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Last update - July 17, 2011

Egads, it's been a while since I've wrote or posted something here. I hope I tracked back all the comments made in the last year or so. I've been away with health issues that kept me away from the computer for a long time.

I'm better now and slowly coming back to writing. Thank you for reading. :-)


Mind friending me? Above 18 :).
Hi! Sure!

Welcome. :)
Would you friend me please? Would love to read your stories and above 18 =)
Sure! It will be done. :)


Happy new year!

Back to writing fan fiction? Hooray! I can't wait to read whatever you come up with!
(Michael Ho)

Re: Happy new year!

Thank you! I hope you'll have a wonderful year!

I'm writing, and I hope to have stories to share soon. :)
Would you friend me, please, so I can read your above-18 works? I'm excited to read Shades of Black -- I've seen good reviews!
Hi there! I'm very flattered you've read good reviews about Shades of Black.

I'd be happy to friend you. Are you over 18? Your profile on LJ couldn't help me with answering that. Thank you. :-)
Yes, I'm 19 years old. :)
All right! I'll be friending you in a minute!
Sorry, I forgot the link to the story!
Hi I'm over from a rec on crackbroom and would love to read more of your fic. Can you friend me back so that I can access all of your writing, please? I am over 18 (and then some!) so no need to fear offending me.
I'll be happy to do so. I hope you'll find some stuff in there that you'll enjoy.


I've just started reading your stories, but I love them so much that I added you as a friend. Friend me back, please?

But if not, that's okay too. :) Just thought I'd say I like your style!

Re: Hello!

Hi! I'm so glad you're enjoying my stories. Thanks for letting me know, it makes my day!

I'd be happy to friend you. Are you over 18? Your profile on LJ couldn't help me with answering that. Thanks. :-)

Re: Hello!

Yup, I am over 18. I just don't like sharing my b'day, in case of stalkers or something.

Re: Hello!

All right then! *friends*

Hi! I just friended you, would love to be friended back so I can read all your stories. I am over 18! Came here via the R/HR awards, I LOVED Deja Vu and Remembering and Forgetting!!
Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed both stories! I hope you'll find something in here you'll like.

I've friended you back. :)

My name is Andrea and I'm 24. I would like to read all your stories, so if you could add me as your friend it would be great!

Hi Andrea! I'm friending you in a second. I hope you'll enjoy what you'll read! :)
Hi, I was interested in reading some of your friend locked stories! I'm over 18 if you could add me :)
Hi! I know it's been a really long time since you posted this, but I've been away with serious health issues that kept me away from the computer for a long time. I will add you right now, even if I don't know if you're still interested or not.

I'm so sorry for the huge delay and I'm really grateful that you wanted to read more. Thank you.
keep posting like this it’s really very good idea, you are awesome!